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We are the Hensing family!  We moved to Maryland in July 2010 & that was when we started our small farm.  We live on 3.5 acres in Dayton, MD & we lease some land in Fulton, MD where we pasture our beef steers & pigs.  Our boys show our dairy cows in the Howard County 4-H.  We sell home-raised, pastured meats.  We believe that healthy animals provide healthy food for healthy people!     

Currently for sale:

Raw Milk Labeled & Sold as Pet Milk

Pastured pork (halves, wholes, by the cut & BBQ pigs)

Pastured chicken (frozen)


Fresh Heritage turkeys:  SOLD OUT

Beef:  Limited supply of roasts & ground beef

Veal:  Ground Veal available


Contact us for a farm tour or if you are interested in purchasing our products.