The question that I get asked more than any other is "Did you grow up on a farm?".  The answer is a resounding "No!".  I grew up in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio!  We moved to the Carolinas and then to Maryland in 2010 for my husband's career.  When we moved to Maryland, we bought a Jersey cow for access to raw milk for our family.  Everything else followed!  We love our life & lifestyle.  Yes it is busy, stressful, joyful & sad (sometimes) and fulfilling most days (both physically and emotionally)! 


We believe that food is the most important decision that you make (3 times a day...maybe more!).  We try to choose the most nutrient-dense, least processed, cleanest sourced food that we can find.  When we couldn't find exactly what we wanted locally, we started raising it ourselves!  You can read more about my, and my family's story at

Our Dairy


We raise & milk a small herd of Jersey cows.  Jersey's are a calm, docile, easy-keeping breed.  Our milk from these cows is sold in Maryland labeled as pet milk, but you can be assured that the same high-quality milk that your pets are receiving is the same that our family is drinking! 

For raw milk you can order online, purchase at our farmers markets or come to the farm for pickup.  Raw milk is currently $6 per half gallon or $11 gallon jugged in plastic jugs.  Raw milk in glass mason jars is available as well with an extra $2 per half gallon refundable deposit for the jar.

100% Grass-fed Beef


Our beef cows are raised on their mamma for 4-6 months.  Then it is just grass & hay.  We finish them on a lovely alfalfa mix.  Never any grain!  I think once you try our beef you will agree that it is delicate & clean tasting!

Pastured Pork

Our pigs are kept outside on our farm.  They are offered a non-gmo grain mix but they find the most delight in eating the greens that they find in their field.  Nothing is more fulfilling to me than watching a pig chomp down on a huge mouthful of grass!  Our mamma pigs farrow (have babies) in the natural environment where they are most comfortable.  They are never confined in a barn as commercial pigs are.  We believe that happy pigs make the most delicious pork!

Our Poultry


We have a variety of fowl: Geese, ducks, & chickens.  All of our birds run free and are never caged.  They are protected by our 2 livestock guardian dogs, Holly & Ryla.  Our birds are fed a grain mix that does not contain soy or GMOs.

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